Why Reinsurance For Buy Here Pay Here Dealers?

Buy Here Pay Here dealers have a massive opportunity to control their customer's ownership experience, help their portfolio to grow and lower repo rates, and create new revenue streams with reinsurance through DealerRE. The BHPH dealership's lifeblood is the customers making payments and we all know that they will not pay for a vehicle that does not run. So in most cases the dealer comes out of pocket to fix the customer's vehicle to keep them on the road if they are a "good customer".

With a reinsurance company, you can sell your customers a vehicle service contract and build a pool of customer money to fix your customer's cars when they break and it just so happens that you own the pool. So, instead of coming out of pocket for your customer's repairs, you dip into the customer funded pool, get the car fixed and keep your customer on the road.

Repossession avoided.

With DealerRE, you won't have to pay for the full premium up front like you would with a 3rd party.

If you were with a 3rd party and you sold 10 contracts and each cost $1000, they would make you send in $10,000 the next month. That would hurt the cash flow of your business. DealerRE allows you to pay the premium over the term of the contract helping you to stay cash flow positive.