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Reinsurance puts you in the driver's seat to be a better, more profitable dealer.


It gives you ultimate control to do what is best for your customer and your dealership.


Reinsurance increases profitability with a return on investment better than any other available endeavor.


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What Our Clients Have To Say

Using DealerRE's products may be one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made. Combined with excellent customer service and the integrity that Tim Byrd provides, this would be what is known as a “no-brainer”. I highly recommend DealerRE and Tim Byrd if you’re looking for additional profit at your dealership.

CMD Former CIADA President, National Quality Dealer of the Year and Best Selling Author

I have recently had the privilege of working with Tim Byrd of DealerRE. Many of our most successful dealers are already taking advantage of his programs. He has explained to us in plain English how we can move cost around (legally) to make more profit stay in house with less taxes and at the same time provide a great service to our customers; providing warranties and selling service contracts that we control. His company will set you up turn key. If you are interested in keeping more profit in YOUR warranty company, instead of paying it to someone else's, call Tim. I cannot say enough about his customer service and commitment to working with us, the independent dealer.

Current Auto Dealer
(Prior VIADA District 4 President)

I have been a client of DealerRE for about four years. I use Debt Cancellation Coverage and an 18 month/18,000 mile warranty. The VAP program generates cash which can be used to repair your owner's (customer's) vehicles which allows them to keep the car, get to work, get to church, and to go to the grocery store. It is that simple! They are able to continue to have transportation. It is great for you, the dealer, because you don't come out of pocket to repair their car. Your Dealer Owned Reinsurance Company gives the money that has been provided by your owner (customer). So it is a win-win situation. The customer keeps riding and you keep building up cash in your reinsurance company. I only wish I had done this years earlier.

Auto Dealer

Committed, Serving & Educating

“DealerRE is a managing agency committed to serving and educating dealers across the country to utilize reinsurance to be a better dealer, to better serve their customers and improve their business and personal financial well-being.”


DealerRE facilitates full service, turn key administration and management of your reinsurance company to allow you to focus on managing your dealership.


DealerRE helps to mitigate your risk by using administrator obligor structures and hiring the best CPAs and attorneys in the industry to consult for your company operations.


DealerRE has helped dealers for 26 years to grow their wealth, to establish and maintain reinsurance companies which has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in found additional income for our clients.


DealerRE is committed to the highest level of customer service and support. If you contact us, you will get a team member on the other end who will help you with the utmost urgency and efficiency.


We are 100% confident we
can increase your profit margin
more effectively than
any other business decision.

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